Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs Borrow ‘Jersey Shake' Celebration for Anthony Rizzo Home Run

The Chicago Cubs routinely come up with new celebrations for triumphs on the diamond, but could a Little League team from New Jersey have given them an idea for a new one? 

It's entirely possible as the Cubs enjoyed themselves at the Little League Classic in Williamsport, PA on Sunday. Before their game against the Pirates, the Cubs headed over to the stadium for some of the Little League action, and they got to meet up with the Mid-Atlantic squad from New Jersey: 

The dance move, called the "Jersey Shake" by the team, is exactly what it sounds like. Players celebrating a big occasion put their hands in the air and shake their hips, causing their jersey to "shake." 

The Cubs, clearly inspired by the move, jumped out to a big lead over the Pirates, and when Anthony Rizzo blasted a home run over the left field wall, he was sure to celebrate it in appropriate fashion: 

It's unclear whether the Cubs will adopt the celebration moving forward, but it's generally around mid-August that they pick up on the celebratory gesture that will be used through the stretch run. Whether it was the "hands rubbing helmet" move that they pioneered in 2015, or the "fake dugout interview" in 2017, the Cubs are always ready for a new fun celebration, and the "Jersey Shake" might be a winner for this season. 

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