Blackhawks Singer Wails Anthem In Bar

National anthem gets boozy postgame tribute

The Blackhawks have the most electrifying national anthems in all of professional sport. We say this without equivocation. There is literally nothing quite like the screaming mass of humanity cheering and clapping alongside national anthem singer Jim Cornelison's operatic power. What's that CBS likes to say about The Masters? A tradition unlike any other? Right. You get the point.

Being present for a Saturday night playoff game anthem is a feeling we'll never forget. Now imagine this: Being at a bar after a Blackhawks game when Cornelison comes out of the woodwork, and for nothing more than some free beer from manager Bald Mike, treats the entire West End bar crowd to a special rendition of the anthem.

Yeah, that'd be pretty amazing. Of course, this happened. Via Puck Daddy, video of the incident in question. Press go for goosebumps -- watch the video here.

Pretty great. Puck Daddy is reporting that Cornelison had his fair share of free booze from the patrons of West End after the singing, which is only fair. Creating a lifelong memory is totally worth a beer or ten, right?

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