A Whole New Meaning for the Seventh Inning Stretch

It's official; Wrigleyville bar owners have agreed to cut off liquor sales after the seventh inning of some Chicago Cubs playoff games.  The cutoff only applies to games that could clinch a series, but the bar owners still don't seem particularly pleased about it.    The bars can resume sales after the ninth inning if a clinch game goes into extra innings.

We can see it now:  During the sixth inning, Cubs fans in Wrigleyville will be ordering bottles by the bucketful, lining them up in not-so-neat rows along the bar or on their tables. And let's face it, those bars are so crowded during any Cubs game let alone a playoff game, so patrons without seats may very well resort to busting out those hideous hats where you attach multiple drinks and sip them through straws. Fashionable!

Attempting to curb excessive drinking and therefore excessive bad behavior due to drunkenness just may backfire in a bad way. One can't help but wonder if the new two inning prohibition will make matters better or worse.  After all, Cubs fans have been waiting 100 years for a World Series win. If the Cubs can buck the curse of the Billy Goat and win the series after one long century, things are bound to get a wee bit celebratory no matter what. Look away, International Olympic Council.  Chicago really does deserve to host the 2016 Olympics despite what you might see in Wrigleyville during the playoffs.

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