A Trip To The Blackhawks Game

This writer's first visit in years

It's been a few years since the last time I walked into the United Center for a Blackhawks game, and when I say a few years, I don't mean two.  I don't mean three.  I don't even mean four.

It's been five years.  Five years since I last saw a live hockey game.  Not because I stopped liking hockey, mind you, but because I was tired of Bill Wirtz and the way he ran the team.  So now that Wirtz is dead -- I'm not for celebrating people's deaths, but in this instance, HOORAY -- I've become a Blackhawks fan once more.   So with my friend's birthday being this weekend, I thought I'd treat her to a visit to the Hawks game.

So first things first, after walking past the ticket taker, I made my way to the souvenir shop.  I was wearing nothing but a black sweater and jeans, and being that it's Halloween night, I stuck out like a sore thumb.   I was surrounded by people in Patrick Kane sweaters, Jonathan Toews jerseys, and of course Papa Smurf and the Flintstones.   Seeing as how there weren't any panda suits on sale in the gift shop, I settled for a nice fitted Blackhawks hat, and a Patrick Sharp t-shirt jersey.   $45 later, I fit in.

So after that I made my way to the seats, and as you can see in the picture above, they were pretty nice.  What was even nicer was the performance of the Blackhawks.  The Dallas Stars have been struggling to keep their opponents from scoring all season, and the Hawks sure didn't help them out at all on Friday night.   The Hawks won the game 5-2, and the domination wasn't only in the goal tally.

They outshot the Stars 32-23, and more importantly, they only turned the puck over one time on the entire night.

Anyway, back to the experience at the United Center.  It was nice that the Hawks won and everything, but to be perfectly honest, I would have had just as good a time if the team had lost.  Much like during Bulls games at the UC, the entertainment is top notch.   Whether it was the costume contest during the first intermission, or the comely looking young lady in the Catholic school girl outfit -- by the way fellas, there's a lot more talent walking the concourses during a game than there is on the ice if you catch my drift -- taking shots during the second intermission, you're thoroughly entertained throughout the evening.

So if you haven't made your way out to a Blackhawks game this season, or in the last few, I strongly suggest making the trip sometime soon.  I know I'll be returning shortly.

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