A Brett Favre Thank You Card

Thank you, Brett Favre. We appreciate you tanking the Minnesota Viking’s season.

The NFC North looked like it was going to be a tough division, and the smart money was on a Favre-led Viking’s squad to make a Super Bowl run.

We hated to admit it, here in Chicago, but we were a bit worried.

Sure on the surface we talked about how washed up the old man was, and how fun it would be to see Lance Briggs or Brian Urlacher put the fogey on his back. But really, any serviceable quarterback would have thrived with Bernard Berrian and Percy Harvin and Adrian Peterson and Steve Hutchinson and Favre is more than serviceable. 

Which is where our thanks come in. Because of your little tease, you probably sabotaged any hope of the Vikes getting a serviceable quarterback. Now they’re stuck with Tarvaris (Run and Gun) Jackson and Sage (Helicopter) Rosenfels.

Did you plan it this way? Are you secretly on the Packer’s payroll?

You said declining the Viking’s offer was the hardest decision you ever made.

Well, Brett, we appreciate your grit. You’re welcome in Soldier Field any time, just as long as you don’t offer to play. 




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