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Rose: "A Lot of Texting" With LeBron About Free Agency



    Bulls All-Star Derrick Rose may be the top dog in Chicago right now, but he's more than willing to share the spotlight with LeBron James. Will the King come? Stay tuned. (Published Wednesday, July 7, 2010)

    On the day before LeBron James makes his free agency decision, the Bulls' Derrick Rose said the team would love to have him here -- but said ultimately they'd done all they could do.

    "I personally would love to play with him, we'd love him here," said Rose at the Bulls' practice court. "But it's not really up to us, it's up to him, hopefully he picks here."

    Rose said he was happy that Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh made their decision, even if they didn't end up in Chicago.

    "Ah congrats to 'em. I hope they have a good season," said Rose. "But we're in the same conference so I hope we have a better season. I wish them nothing but the best."

    Rose said he didn't talk too much to James, Wade or Bosh about their decision.

    "I really didn't talk to them that much. LeBron a few. Wade not that much. Bosch, only when he was in town," Rose said. "A lot of texting, you know know a lot of texting going on. So it was more texting than talking."

    Rose said the Bulls management did a good job of keeping him involved in the ongoing talks.

    Rose said the only thing the Bulls could do now, with or without the free agents, was work harder. Asked whether he was frustrated, Rose said "Not at all, knowing that each year we're getting better."