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    Can you believe what he just said?

    Is Ozzie Guillen over Oz-sposed? General Manager Kenny Williams thinks so.

    Ozzie Guillen announced last night that he'd signed up for the popular social media service, tweeted that he was "boreddddddd" with Spring Training, and swiftly garnered over 5,000 followers.

    But Williams isn't happy.

    "Let's see if he tweets the truth," Williams said.

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    Asked if he was worried that Guillen was on Twitter, Williams said "Yes. Yes."

    Though Guillen's just the latest high-profile athlete to sign up for Twitter, his uncouched, often controversial public statements will surely face even more scrutiny -- and be followed more closely by fans.

    So far, Guilenn's tweets, written in Guillen's trademark pidgin English, have proved to be every bit as idiosyncratic as the man himself.

    Williams: "Maybe We Should Just Focus on Baseball"

    [CHI] Williams: "Maybe We Should Just Focus on Baseball"
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    "going to eat in half hour why dye no have a job?"

    "Iam tired from bad very bad golf"

    "3 day of Spring Training and im already boreddddddd"

    And the latest:

    "I feel nice and relax today I don't know why yeeessssssss carlos quentin and rios in camp b ready people"

    After questions arose over the Twitter account's provenance, Guillen said today that his sons set the account up, but that he's the one who tweets.

    No matter which Guillen is writing it, the mind boggles at the poetry.

    Williams, meanwhile, says he's had enough.

    "I don't tweet," he said. "We got got tweets, reality shows. Maybe we should just focus on baseball."

    In response, Guillen said he understoof Williams' concerns.

    "Is Kenny upset? I don't blame him. 'Cause he wants to know what's going on, he want to know why, he want to know what I talk about I say 'hey, it's just a personal thing, I want to have fun like anybody else does, and a human being."

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