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Midday Stampede: More Questions Than Answers For the Bulls

The Bulls season crashed and burned in Round 1. What do they do now?



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    The Chicago Bulls 2012 season ended in unspectacular fashion. Now Bulls management must make a lot of hard decisions this summer.

     The pain of the Chicago Bulls being eliminated at the hands of the Philadelphia 76ers last night still stings. Chicago was 12 seconds away from forcing a Game 7 at home but were undone by massive errors in judgment and extremely poor point guard play.

    Bulls fans woke up this morning with only one question on their minds: what now?

    Many feel that this was truly the Bulls year and the best chance to win an NBA Championship. But injuries changed all of that and now Chicago's front office has some very difficult decisions to make in terms of structuring a roster that can hold the fort until the eventual return of Derrick Rose.

    Will the roster as it stands now remain intact? Or will we be welcoming an entirely different group of guys to Chicago next season?

    Tom Thibodeu will most likely get a contract extension, but will a few million or a couple of years be shaved off due to Rose's injury and Chicago getting bounced in Round 1?

    These are all legitimate questions that will be answered in the weeks and months to come, but none of it will serve as any consolation to Bulls fans whose rooting interests came to an end in the second week of May.

    Read on for a Bulls fan's final thoughts on the season, questions facing Bulls management, one last, painful look at the Bulls final possession in Game 6 and more.

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