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Jay Cutler Isn't Panicking



    The Bears QB is ready to go for the regular season. (Published Thursday, Sept. 2, 2010)

    Is there reason for concern over the Chicago Bears?

    "I mean, maybe," said quarterback Jay Cutler said during a Tuesday press conference. "Maybe not."

    The Bears QB said he's not thinking about his team's preseason performance all that much.

    "It's preseason," he said. "We're doing some stuff just to get it on film and running some plays just to run plays."

    Cutler said he believes the team will be ready to face the Detroit Lions during the season opener. Until then, he's not going to get hot-and-bothered.

    Speaking of that game, the Bears don't plan to open the season with a scripted attack. Mike Martz hasn't planned the first 15 plays the way many NFL offensive coordinators do for the opening game.

    "We've got the first play written up," Cutler said. "After that we're going to see what the defense is giving us."

    Cutler himself is ready to go.

    "I'm good," he said. "I've met with Mike (Martz) a lot since the preseason started just talking through games. ... I feel good about the system."