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Girardi: My Focus is on New York

But would he consider returning to his Sweet Home Chicago?



    Girardi:  My Focus is on New York
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    Joe Girardi spent his off day Thursday visiting with his father who is in the late stages of Alzheimer's disease. 

    Jerry Girardi hasn't spoken in months, yet when his son, the skipper of the New York Yankees showed up the elder Girardi had three words: "I'm good today."

    His son returns to a pennant race with the Yankees not knowing if he'll see his father again.

    "I've always lived my life in that you deal with what you're in now... you don't speculate," Girardi said Friday in the visitors dugout at U.S. Cellular Field.  It's a  lesson he lives his life by and will use in the future as his name is batted around for the Chicago Cubs managerial vacancy.

    "My faith is very important to me, I never worry about next year," he said.

    But when asked about his name coming up in speculation for the Cubs job? 

    "I'm worried about right now," Girardi said.  "My focus is here.  I have a responsibility to the Steinbrenners, Brian Cashman... the Yankee fans... to get number 28."

    Still the Northwestern star who also played for the Cubs understands how and why his name is one of the first to roll off the tongues of starving Cub fans.  "If you love this game it's flattering to hear your named mentioned as a big league manager." 

    Is it something he would consider?  Girardi wouldn't bite.

    "There are 30 jobs in baseball every one of the are attractive."