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Philadelphia Thinks Chicago Fans Are "Delicate"

Philadelphia thinks Chicago fans are "delicate"



    Philadelphia Thinks Chicago Fans Are "Delicate"
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    Fans outside the Wachovia Center were decked in Flyers orange and black -- and some crazy Flyers pimp coat.

    The Flyers are expecting another sellout crowd for Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals against the Blackhawks.

    Wednesday's game drew 20, 297 fans, the largest hockey crowd in Pennsylvania history.  And the streets of Philadelphia are filled with puffy-chested fans who, after just one win, are claiming superiority on the ice, the ice itself, and whomever is in the building. measured the decibel levels of stadiums and claims 125 is the deafening stage when the "pain begins."

    After the last note of God Bless America Wednesday night, the Wachovia Center reached 114 decibels. The same as after Claude Giroux scored the game winning goal in overtime. Philadelphia is quite proud of this noise.

    "There's something special about our fans. You really feel them behind you there's no better place to play" said Flyers Winger Ian Laperriere.

    One scribe in the City of Brotherly Love even called Chicago fans, "delicate."


    The loudest the United Center got was 122 decibels during the National Anthem before Game 2 in Chicago. Advantage Chicago!

    Philadelphia is so desperate for some Stanley Cup love they're trying to get any edge they can against the heavily favored Blackhawks. That includes trying to counter the near 90 degree temperatures this week, with keeping the Wachovia Center ice a frigid 18 degrees.

    "It's June. Hockey is not meant to be played indoors in June," Leperriere laughed, adding he's very happy to be playing in June whether the ice stays cold or not.

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    And to keep the ice cold, the digitized thermostat is set at 55 degrees, seven degrees colder than normal. The building staff has also reportedly altered their truck delivery schedule to keep the doors to the stadium closed as much as possible.

    Still, once those 20,000 plus fans file in, the body heat is tough to counter.

    And they still have some vocal work to do, too.

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