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Chicago Bulls Weekend News and Notes

Weekend news on Chicago's favorite basketball team, in case you missed it



    Chicago Bulls Weekend News and Notes
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    Scouring the Internet to bring you the biggest Chicago Bulls news stories from the weekend.

    Compared to the weekend prior when Derrick Rose resurfaced in the media and had everyone talking, this weekend was a pretty quiet one for the Bulls. Then again when you’re one of the most popular teams in the NBA someone is always talking about you, right? 

    Here's what popped up over the weekend in case you missed it:
    • Most people have seen Derrick Rose’s CSN Chicago interview, but here is another interview that D. Rose did with John Reed of BET that many may not have seen.
    • Nate Robinson was one of Chicago’s last free-agent acquisitions this summer and with Kirk Hinrich and Marquis Teague – who isn’t expected to play much this season – should Robinson be a starter until Derrick comes back?
    • Without Rose, the Bulls aren’t going to be as good this season as they’ve been over the past two, especially considering the roster overhaul. But are the Bulls now in basketball purgatory?
    • Luol Deng has represented the Bulls well this summer by competing in the Olympics and helping Great Britain to their first ever Olympic basketball win. But Deng also lent a hand in a Sprite sponsored basketball clinic in Tanzania’s largest city, Dar es Salaam.