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Bengals Crush Bears 45-10



    Bengals Crush Bears 45-10

    In a feckless display of inept defense, poor receiving and general mismanagement, the Bears lost in spectacular fashion to the Bengals in Cincinnati, 45-10.

    Former Bear and I-told-you-so finger wagger Cedric Benson, motor mouth Chad Ochocinco and pigskin slinger Carson Palmer ripped apart the Bears defense as the Cincinnati Bengals clocked a seemingly effortless 45-10 victory Sunday at Paul Brown Stadium.

    Benson, a 2005 Bears first-round draft pick (and fourth overall pick), rushed for a career-high 180 yards and a touchdown against his former team.

    Ochocinco, who spent the entire week smack talking on twitter, caught 10 passes for 118 yards and 2 touchdowns.

    Palmer, in a game expected to be a shooutout against Cutler, completed all but four of his 24 passes, registering 233 yards and five touchdowns before resting -- resting! -- the second half of the fourth quarter.

    As for how the Bears "played"...

    Cutler threw three interceptions.

    The Bears turned the ball over four times.

    Chicago didn't even score until shortly before the half, when kicker Robbie Gould hit a 22-yard field goal to put three on the board. At halftime the score was 31-3.

    In the third quarter, Ochocinco kept his word when, after a 13-yard touchdown pass from Palmer, did a samba in the endzone. The score was 38-3.

    The Bears only touchdown of the game with 11:48 remaining on a 5-yard pass from Cutler to Devin Hester to cap off an eight-play, 60-yard drive. The score was 45-10, and Chicago's embarassment was complete.