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Anthony Adams Pays Homage to Sammy Sosa's Pinterest

Former Bear duplicates Sosa's online page



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    The similarities are uncanny.

    Sammy Sosa's Pinterest page produced its fair share of online mockery when it debuted last month, but is the former Cubs star getting the last laugh?

    He's found a fan in former Chicago Bears defensive tackle Anthony "Spice" Adams, who created his own Pinterest page this week in homage to Sosa.
    "Man, I guess this is what happens when you've got too much time on your hands," says Adams, whose currently taking business courses at a Washington, DC school while waiting word on potential offers from NFL teams.

    Internet Mocks Sammy Sosa's Odd Pinterest Page

    Sosa's online page induced snickers because it consists of several photos of himself in various staged poses wearing two different outfits, all with the same caption: "Sammy Sosa. Yes, I'm the real Sammy Sosa, and this is my Pinterest."

    Adams also sports a mustard-colored sweather and a suit while duplicating Sosa's poses. He also uses the same caption throughout: "Thanks for the inspiration Sammy!"

    Question is, where did he find that sweater?

    "Would you believe I already had it in my closet? It was one of those three for $20 deals at Foot Locker. I already had a grey and a black one, so I thought, why not go out on a limb?" Adams told NBC 5.

    Adams thanked Sosa via his Twitter feed for "inspiring his plus-sized modeling career."

    Sosa seems to be taking it all in stride, tweeting back that he loves Adams sense of humor.

    An Internet meme may have been born.