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Korver' Thrilled with Mavs Win



    Korver' Thrilled with Mavs Win
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    Kyle Korver couldn't bear to watch the most of the NBA Finals.

    “I couldn’t watch the first four games," the shooting forward said Monday. "You know because you’re just angry and you can’t sleep at night and it’s frustrating."

    But he did watch game six, in which Dallas defeated a Heat team that beat the Bulls in the Eastern Conference Finals.

    The outcome brought a bit of joy to the three-point specialist, who quickly told reporters that he wasn't sad to see LeBron and company ousted from their own arena.  He was among the fans who was pleased by the way Dallas won.

    “There were a lot of guys who have been though the ups and downs and they just kept on working and kept believing in each other and just played really good team basketball,” said Korver.

    Korver hasn't been spending all his time licking his own basketball wounds.

    Korver and his younger brother Klayton created their own t-shirt line, Seer Outfitters, and are bringing it to Chicago. One hundred percent of the profits earned from Seer Outfitters will go to the Kyle Korver Foundation (KKF). The KKF creates opportunities for the disadvantaged.

    Korver, who studied graphic design at Creighton University, helped create the shirts' graphics.

    “We’ve been building handicap ramps and doing different sports camps and after school tutoring sessions and things like that,” said Korver. “Once they find out about that, people have been wanting shirts.”

    Even the Chicago Bulls rock the Seer t-shirts.

    “I gave them all t-shirts this year and they were like ooh this is kind of nice and then the next week I think everyone wore theirs into practice one day and they were asking for more,” said Korver. “It’s cool.”