Rogers Park

Sheridan Avenue Closed Due to Protests in Rogers Park

Chicago police have shut down a stretch of Sheridan Avenue on the city’s North Side Monday due to an ongoing protest.

According to authorities, Sheridan is shut down between Devon Avenue and Granville Avenue in both directions due to the demonstration, which began Monday afternoon in the city’s Rogers Park neighborhood.

NBC 5’s Sky 5 captured images of the crowd, which gathered on Sheridan near Loyola’s North Side campus. The group is marching southbound on Sheridan toward Granville.

The march is taking place near the northern end of Lake Shore Drive, which curves inland and ends at the intersection of Sheridan and Hollywood, near Hollywood Beach.

It is unclear if the protesters intend to try to make their way that far south, of if they plan to try to enter Lake Shore Drive.

We will update this page with further updates.  

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