Astros, Sori's Sorry

He really wasn't trying to mock you

A few weeks ago Pro Wrestler John Cena made a trip to Wrigley Field to visit with his favorite Cub, Alfonso Soriano

The unlikely admiration society was formed when Soriano started doing Cena's signature "now you see me" move after hitting a home run.  Cena loves it.  Not so for Cub opponents.

After Soriano hit a walk off grand slam to win Monday night's game, he did was he normally does.  That hop out of the box, the Cena "now you see me hand wave" and something new... he looked back. 

Was it the Astros he was looking at?  Was he showing them up? 

No.  Soriano was gesturing toward his family sitting in the front row.  He says his daughter has been bothering him for weeks to sit in the front row, Monday was the night they finally did.

So Sori's sorry if the Astros took it the wrong way.  It's all good clean celebrating, the 21st century way.

As for those front row seats?  Soriano says they're too expensive for his family to sit in every night. We had to ask.

"About $1,000 dollars," he said before Tuesday night's game. 

Yep, the $167 million dollar man says that's too expensive.

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