Ryan's Debt Solution: Lease or Sell the Tollway

Taking his cue from recent large privatization contracts -- the skyway, the city's parking meters -- GOP gubernatorial candidate Jim Ryan thinks it's about time to lease the entire Illinois Tollway

"We need to look at all options, I won't sign off on any deal that isn't good for taxpayers," Ryan said during a news conference Monday.

Ryan said he would lean toward a long-term lease deal like the one Indiana got for its toll road.

The front-runner candidate says he's willing to put everything on the table to fix the state's budget problems because he says Illinois doesn't need to raise taxes like the Democrats want to do.

Ryan says a deal to sell or lease the lottery is also something worth considering and he outlined steps to deal with Illinois' growing budget problems. If he's elected, he says he would immediately create a panel to recommend cuts and consolidation.

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