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Hynes Doesn't Want Quinn's Olive Branch

Hynes camp calls truce offer "a stunt"



    Hynes Doesn't Want Quinn's Olive Branch
    Dan Hynes (L), Gov. Pat Quinn (R)

    Gov. Pat Quinn is asking Democratic primary opponent Dan Hynes for an advertising truce.

    But the Hynes camp isn't interested.

    Quinn campaign manager John Kamis said Monday that if state Comptroller Hynes pulls his most recent ad from the air, the Quinn campaign will pull theirs.

    "Dan Hynes can continue down the negative TV campaign path that he started," Kamis said in the statement, "or he can join Governor Quinn is restoring this campaign to the informative, issues-based principles that Democratic primary voters deserve. We await his decision."

    The Quinn ad accuses Hynes of vacationing and going to a Chicago spa when the budget debate was raging in Springfield.

    At a news conference, Hynes responded by saying that voters deserve a more serious debate about the state's issues.

    And Hynes campaign spokesman Matt McGrath calls the truce offer "a stunt." He says Quinn's campaign has been criticized over the ad and is looking for Hynes to bail them out.

    Hynes' ad:

    Quinn's "Spa" Ad