Obama May Return 2012 Re-Election HQ to Chicago

This is where the magic happened.

At least that may be the thinking of the Obama White House, as rumblings grow louder that the 2012 re-election headquarters may be located in Chicago.

The Chicago Tribune reports that many observers are saying that a return to the city is likely.

The Tribune lists a number of factors in the likelihood of President Obama centering his headquarters in Chicago, including strategist David Axelrod's planned move back to the city, blunting the perceived anti-Washington climate around the country and staying strategically close to a number of battleground states.

"He will and must select Chicago," American University political scientist James Thurber told the newspaper. "He needs to project an anti-Washington image and keep the campaign staff far away from the echo chamber in D.C."

A skeletal staff may be in place by spring 2011 with a larger team added by the summer or fall, according to some Democrats who talked to the paper.

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