GoHealth To Add 250 New jobs in Chicago

Positions include executives, sales and support, and software engineers

A Chicago-based healthcare company plans to add 250 new jobs in Chicago this year, the firm announced Wednesday.

GoHealth, founded as Norvax, Inc. in 2001, will hire executives, sales and support, and software engineers as it aims to nearly double its size by year's end.

“As we continue to grow the team, our downtown Chicago headquarters remains a strategic advantage for GoHealth,” founder Brandon Cruz said. “It is critical that we recruit the most talented people in the country, and fortunately, many of them are right in our backyard.”

The company added 100 employees last year and works with more than 100 health insurance carriers and 20,000-plus licensed agents across the country.

“GoHealth is a thriving company that has made a strong commitment to Chicago and its talent," Mayor Rahm Emanuel said. "I am pleased that the company is growing and contributing to Chicago's leadership in the crucial sector of health IT."

GoHealth agreed to be a part of the City Colleges of Chicago's "College to Careers" program as an advisor and will work with World Business Chicago, Emanuel said.

“Our GoHealth technology platform continues to play an integral part in shaping the future of the industry given the health reform laws going into effect and the added volume of consumers entering the health insurance market,” GoHealth co-founder Clint Jones said.

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