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Trump Asked Me to Rebuild Relationship With Russia, Tillerson Says

"He's been quite clear with me to proceed at whatever pace and in the areas I think we might make progress," the secretary of state said



    Tillerson: US and Russia Continue to Disagree on Syria

    Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met with Russian President Vladimir Putin during his Moscow trip, saying the United States and Russia continue to disagree over the U.S. airstrikes in Syria following a suspected gas attack on Syrian civilians. (Published Wednesday, April 12, 2017)

    Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Tuesday that President Donald Trump has asked him to rebuild the U.S. relationship with Russia and not allow the political turmoil over possible Russian ties to the Trump campaign to impede him.

    Tillerson said relations with Russia are at a low point and deteriorating, and Trump asked him to try to stabilize the relationship and rebuild trust.

    The top U.S. diplomat spoke in Wellington, New Zealand, where he met with Prime Minister Bill English during a brief visit.

    Tillerson said he couldn't comment on the details of the Russia investigations or whether they could bring down the administration because "I have no direct knowledge."

    Russia's Lavrov Makes Sarcastic Joke About Comey

    [NATL] Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov Meets in DC With Tillerson

    The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met with Rex Tillerson in Washington, DC, a day after President Trump fired FBI director James Comey. The firing raises doubts about the status of an investigation into the possible connection between Russia and Trump campaign. At the meeting with Tillerson, Lavrov sarcastically jokes that he didn't know Comey had been fired.

    (Published Wednesday, May 10, 2017)

    He said Trump has told him he should not allow the uproar to impede him from working on the relationship.

    "He's been quite clear with me to proceed at whatever pace and in the areas I think we might make progress," Tillerson said. "I really am not involved in any of these other issues."

    Tillerson was also asked about Trump's provocative tweets, including those in which he criticized London's mayor after three assailants killed seven people and wounded dozens in the London Bridge area over the weekend.

    "The president has his own unique ways of communicating with the American people, and the world," Tillerson said. "And it's served him pretty well, and I don't intend to advise him on how to communicate. That's up to him."

    Tillerson said he was pleased by reports that some British imams were refusing to offer funeral prayers for the London attackers.

    "That is what has to be done," he said. "Only the Muslim faith can handle this."

    Putin: Interfering in US Election 'Wouldn't Make Sense'

    [NATL] Putin Addresses Russian Election Interference With NBC's Megyn Kelly

    In Megyn Kelly's inaugural June 4 episode of her NBC news magazine, "Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly," Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the claim that Russians interfered in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

    (Published Monday, June 5, 2017)

    English said he was reassured by Tillerson about the intention of the U.S. to engage in the Asia-Pacific region. Tillerson's New Zealand stopover came after he visited Australia with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.