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Quinn and Hynes Go on the Attack in Debate

The dem candidates call each other names



    Quinn and Hynes Go on the Attack in Debate
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    The Democratic candidates sparred during a debate Tuesday.

    Incumbent Governor Pat Quinn and his Democratic primary challenger engaged in playground in a game of name calling so juvenile during last night’s gubernatorial debate it could have taken place on a playground.

    "He smiles in your face and stabs you in the back and that's what he's done since Day One," Quinn said of Hynes.

    “He's losing his grip on reality," Hynes said.

    Both candidates took shots at the other’s competency, and both accused the other of deception and cover-ups, the Sun-Times reports. 

    Hynes hammered Quinn on the so-called “gag order” concerning the state’s early prison release program. He called a memo sent from his jail director to 14,000 Department of Corrections employees a “massive cover up.”

    Quinn attempted to tie Hynes to the scandal at the Burr Oak Cemetery, but Hynes shot back that his office had nothing to do with it.

    The men have been airing contentious advertisements that skirt the line of calling each other criminal, and they continue this attack in person.

    The two men did talk some matters of substance, however. Each of the candidates offered differing opinions on how to raise taxes on the state’s wealthiest individuals.