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Obama Talks Keeping Fit, Looking Good

President dishes about his workouts, eating habits



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    President Obama said he works hard to keep fit.

    President Obama said in an interview this week that his promise to reform the American health care system is starting right at home, in the White House -- and that he works hard to keep fit and eat well just like he says all Americans should.

    Obama said in an interview with "Men's Health" magazine that staying healthy has been a struggle all his life thanks to a family history laden with high cholesterol and weight issues. He also said he'd consider a "sin tax" on sugar-heavy products like soda and candy to help stop the epidemic of childhood obesity.

    "Even since I was a kid -- when I looked at my grandfather, at 55 he already looked old," Obama said in the interview, released this week. "These days, at 55, people are in the prime of life. It's a sign that if you have good health care, if you have the capacity to exercise, if you're able to take care of yourself...that people can be healthier than ever," he said.

    He also said he and the rest of the first family eat healthy food -- he keeps a bowl of apples in the White House to stop him from snacking on junk -- and regularly go to the gym or engage in physical activities like Obama's favorite sport, basketball, to keep in shape.

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