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Lame-Duck Prez Boosts CFO's Check

Williams says her credentials qualify her for a bigger salary



    Lame-Duck Prez Boosts CFO's Check
    **FILE** In this June 28, 2006 file photo Chicago Alderman Todd Stroger answers a question at a news conference after a Chicago City Council meeting. In November 2006, Stroger won the election to replace his father, John Stroger as Cook County Board president, after the elder Stroger suffered a stroke in March 2006. More than a year after Stroger was sworn in, critics say not much has changed in a government perhaps best known as a place where clout greases the political machine.

    Just days after the Cook County Board voted to limit his power, details came out about Todd Stroger sweetening his chief financial officer's paycheck with a generous $54,000 raise.

    "This situation is absurd," said Commissioner Timothy Schneider, R-Streamwood.

    The lame-duck Cook County Board President recently beefed up Jaye Williams' salary from about $176,000 to $230,000 commissioners told the ChicagoTribune.

    Stroger swerved around a December resolution requiring him to get board approval for employee raises.

    Eugene Mullins, Stroger's spokesperson who also received a raise, defended his boss and childhood friend. He claimed other countywide elected officials doled out raises without approval.

    "The only thing that people seem to be interested in is that Todd did it," Mullins said.

    The county's CFO appealed to Commissioner Larry Suffredin, (D-Evanston) Wednesday. Williams explained her credentials qualify her for a salary comparable to other chief financial officers. 

    "It may be appropriate pay, but we're so far from dealing with that issue," said Suffredin. "It has to come before the board. ...We didn't want all kinds of people getting pay raises, because that will impact the budget moving forward."

    This lame-duck prez definitely is not thinking about future budgets, but his cronies' unemployment checks. 

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