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Joke's on Blago at NU Ethics Discussion

Ousted governor doesn't like playing the clown



    Joke's on Blago at NU Ethics Discussion
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    Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich is all alone.

    The venue was different, but the story was the same.

    Disgraced ex-governor told a crowded room of Northwestern University students Tuesday night that he was innocent of all charges against him, that he would be exonerated and he was a champion of good.

    Of course, no one at the Evanston campus took him seriously.

    The whole evening -- much like Blagojevich’s persona after he was ousted from office --was a joke.

    Blago Draws Laughs in NU Appearance

    [CHI] Blago Draws Laughs in NU Appearance
    Former governor faces hard questions, suspicious audience during panel discussion on ethics in government.
    (Published Wednesday, March 3, 2010)

    And the joke was on Blago.

    The first indication of the farce came from the fact Blagojevich agreed to participate in an ethics discussion with the Northwestern College Democrats for an undisclosed fee.  Blago on ethics. Ha!

    But that’s how things go for the former governor.

    He told the crowd of students and faculty that he isn’t happy about having to portray an idiot on any television show, radio program or state fair that will have him, but it’s the only way he can pay the bills.

    "It's just a horrible, horrible thing," he said. "But this is a life lesson for our children."

    That could have been the one true thing to come from Blago’s ethics discussion.