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Illinois Races: Don Tracy for Lt. Governor

"It's time we got back to the basics"



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    Republican candidate Don Tracy is running for Lt. Governor of Illinois in 2010.

    Attorney and businessman Don Tracy wants to be elected as the next Republican Lt. Gov. of Illinois.

    His 2010 election campaign is all about "The 3 Rs": Revitalize the Illinois economy; Reform state government spending and ethics; and Respect traditional values.

    The pro-life conservative from Springfield is an advocate for the Second Amendment, private sector jobs and tort reform.  He actually ran for office as Democrat years ago and lost, deciding that his core values were better supported by the Republican Party.

    The oldest of 12 children, Tracy has worked in the family business for 33 years.  The 59-year-old has been practicing law for over 30 years, primarily representing family business.

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