Tila’s Retweet Takes Down 619Sports.Net

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Remember Tila Tequila, who accused Shawne Merriman of choking her? She's still having an effect on San Diego, according to the boys at 619Sports.net.

Craig Elsten of 619Sports.net said that his site was overloaded with visitors overnight, thanks to a re-tweet by the reality TV star.

"She spent the whole night flaming Merriman, going back and forth with her followers, just attacking Shawne all night," 619Sports.net's Craig Elsten said.

Then at about 11 p.m., Tila must have found 619Sports.net's podcast recorded earlier in the week, which was a discussion between Craig Elsten and Chris Ello about the whole sordid tale.

"Then she did the most powerful thing you can do in this world," Elsten said. "She re-tweeted us about 10 times in a row. She has something like 250,000 followers."

Tila became a big fan of 619Sports.net in a short time.

"I commend these guys 4 such a great commentary debate about Shawne Merriman ... sorry I crashed your server LOL," Tila tweeted at about midnight.

Thousands of people logged onto 619Sports.net's site, taking it down for about 10-15 minutes and slowing it down after that.

Elsten said he's looking into beefing up his servers for the next time his site get into the middle of a Chargers domestic dispute.

This could be the end of road for Tila's Twitter followers. The last thing she Tweeted, at about 7 a.m., "For real, I gotta go to sleep now. Just closed a multimillion dollar deal with a company that I will be launching in about two weeks. Night night. My Twitter account will be deleted. I have another agenda on my list now that makes my Twitter account irrelevant."

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