New Show “Jerseylicious” Promises to Show “Real Jersey Girls”

The stars of the Style Network's latest show want to give a new face to the Garden State -- one that's fashion-forward, and focused on jobs instead of abs and partying.

"Jerseylicious," which premieres Sunday at 10PM, is a new reality show set in the Gatsby salon in Green Brook sounds kind of like a crazy mix of "Blow Out" and Steel Magnolias (though we feel bad dragging Steel Magnolias into the mix). Sure, there are similarities between the characters on this show and its rival (MTV's "The Jersey Shore") -- there's more than enough hair spray to go around, and one of the characters even confessed to The NY Daily News that she "gets depressed" if she doesn't tan.

But the new girls in the show insist they're nothing like their "Jersey Shore" counterparts. For one, they're actually from New Jersey (Snooki is from Marlboro, NY), and star Olivia Blois Sharpe insists that real Jersey girls are "a lot more fashion-forward." Looking at the press photos, we have yet to be convinced, though frankly we're still reeling with the idea of more Jersey-related programming coming down the pipeline.

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