What Stores Will Be Open (And Closed) on Thanksgiving Day 2021?

Target, Walmart, Best Buy and Costco are among the national retailers that will remain closed on Thanksgiving Day

COVID-19 changed holiday shopping in 2020, with many retailers closing their doors choosing to close over the Thanksgiving holiday.

As Thanksgiving 2021 approaches, some retailers have announced that move will become permanent.

Here are the stores we know of that will be closed or open on Thanksgiving 2021.

Target – Closed

Walmart – Closed 

Best Buy – Closed

Costco – Closed

Home Depot — Closed

Macy’s – Closed 

DICK'S Sporting Goods — Closed

Aldi — Closed

Marshalls – Closed 

Trader Joe's – Closed

JCPenney – Closed

Kohl’s – Closed

Barnes and Noble – Closed 

Bed Bath and Beyond – Closed

Old Navy – Closed 

Whole Foods – Open for modified hours (check your store here)

Kroger – Check with local store

Big Lots – Open 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Lowe's - Closed

Foot Locker - Closed

Bloomingdale's - Closed

Nordstrom - Closed

Nordstrom Rack - Closed

Office Depot - Closed

OfficeMax - Closed

PetCo - Closed

REI - Closed

Sam's Club - Closed

Staples - Closed

Whole Foods - Open (check your location)

This list will be updated as more stores release holiday hours.

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