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Caught on Camera: Southwest Airlines Plane Brawl

Screams can be heard in the video as one woman shouts, "What's wrong with you?"

Passengers aboard a flight that landed in Los Angeles swung punches in a caught-on-camera brawl, Southwest Airlines confirmed Tuesday.

A fellow passenger, Michael Krause, caught the ugly fight on his cellphone on the Sunday flight from Dallas to Burbank. 

Screams can be heard in the video as one woman shouts, "What's wrong with you?"

Southwest said the fight began on flight 2530 when passengers began to get off the plane.

The flight landed safely from Dallas before the fight broke out.

One of the brawling passengers, Chaze Mickalo Cable, 37, of Lancaster, was arrested on suspicion of battery by Burbank police, Burbank Airport police Sgt. Steve Saucedo said.

The other passenger, whose name was not released, suffered a contusion and swelling of left eye, a small cut on left side of his nose, and a chipped tooth.

According to the victim's account in the police report, the whole incident began when Cable turned around in his seat during the flight and made a comment about the woman seated behind him "messing with his chair."

Once everyone began to deplane, the victim stepped into the aisle to help the woman get off the aircraft, the report said.

That's when Cable allegedly sucker-punched the victim, the report said.

The fight ensued as a flight attendant tried to break it up.

The flight attendant lost her footing, and at that point the victim, flight attendant and Cable all fell. Another passenger then came from back of the plane to separate everyone, the report said.

Krause, whose broken hand prevented him from intervening, described the scene as "total chaos."

He described the flight attendant as the "hero" of the ordeal.

"We're grateful to our employees who quickly reacted to break up a fight involving three customers," a Southwest Airlines spokeswoman said. "Our Employees are our everyday heroes and are trained to de-escalate conflict while delivering heartfelt hospitality."

NBC4's Robert Kovacik and Adrian Arambulo contributed to this report.

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