Principal to be Replaced After Students Tricked Into Eating Moose Feces

Parents and community were outraged to learn that teachers and chaperones allowed the 'prank' to occur

A Canadian school principal will not be returning in the fall amid allegations that he allowed students to unwittingly eat moose feces.

On a canoe trip earlier this month two students from Grand Marais were tricked into putting moose droppings in their mouths by a non-teacher adult chaperone, according to the Winnipeg Free Press.

Angie Jonski, the aunt of one of the victims, told the Winnipeg Free Press that the chaperone convinced the students the feces were a nutritious mixture of wild berries and grass. One 8th grade girl got the droppings stuck in her braces and vomited, according to her mother. Another student reportedly ran to the river to wash out his mouth.

Some of the parents have alleged that Walter Whyte School Principal Bob Kovachik was present for the incident and did not intervene, the Toronto Star reported.

Superintendent Scott Kwasnitz confirmed to the Winnipeg Free Press that three teachers and two parents were aware of the situation by the time the second student put the droppings in her mouth. Several families had opted to keep their children out of Walter Whyte until action was taken against the school's leadership.

Private counseling will be offered to the 16 students present on the canoe trip.

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