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Ohio bank robber arrested after dropping out of ceiling and into recycling bin

Officers responding to an alarm were waiting in position to arrest the suspect

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An Ohio bank robber's legal fees are about to go through the roof.

Tristan J. Heidi, 27, was charged with breaking and entering, possession of criminal tools and safecracking after trying to escape through a roof access door at a Huron, Ohio bank early Wednesday morning, according to the Huron Police Department.

Huron police officers who were responding to an alarm that sounded at 2:12 a.m. at Vacation Land Federal Credit Union heard noise from the roof. They then noticed a blue recycling bin situated in the middle of the bank's drive-thru lane.

When the roof’s access door opened, a backpack containing construction tools fell to the ground and the suspect lowered himself into the recycling bin. He was immediately surround by officers and arrested, with the entire incident captured by body cameras.

Heidi is being held on a $50,000 bond.

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