Kate Gosselin Is “Old Lady Who Lived in the Shoe”: Lawyer

The couple continues to argue over money

A lawyer for Jon Gosselin called the ex-reality TV dad's estranged wife Kate "the old lady who lived in the shoe" and said her no-show in court was a result of her failure to fulfill her obligations.

Mark Heller, an attorney for Jon, said his client had repaid the money the octodad had removed from a joint bank account he shared with his soon-to-be ex but Kate had yet to return the $33,000 she had taken from the bank.

"Jon Gosselin has met all of the obligations he was required to make," Heller said outside a Pennsylvania courthouse today. "The obligations that Kate Gosselin has were not fulfilled. Maybe that explains why she didn't appear in court today." 

Kate's attorney said in a statement that she had, in fact, met all the conditions required by the judge.

"Ms. Gosselin, who was directed by the court to provide an accounting by today's date, did in fact provide a full and complete accounting of funds prior to today, and in light of that compliance she was not required to be at today's proceeding," Schnader Harrison Segan & Lewis LLP said in a statement. 

But Jon wasn't buying it.

"I'm a little shocked," he said. "She keeps avoiding and avoiding, I guess that is the Kate Gosselin way." 

The divorcing couple took their bitter battle back to court today to see whether a judge will begin contempt proceedings against either of the "Jon & Kate Plus 8" stars for failing to pay back the money they removed from a joint bank account in time for today's deadline.

Jon appeared before the judge but Kate, who was at a California women's leadership conference with Maria Shriver, did not.

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