Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie Most Popular Actors in America

Even though "The Tourist" might have wandered off onto some side street never to be seen again, the movie's stars - Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie - are still highly sought after by the movie going public.

The two Hollywood mega-stars have been named the most popular actors in the U.S., reports Daily Finance.

Depp supplanted Clint Eastwood and Jolie overtook Sandra Bullock to claim the top spots on the list. The "Pirates of the Caribbean" star faced stiff competition in the forms of Denzel Washington and the legendary John Wayne, while the "Salt" headliner beat American sweethearts Bullock and Julia Roberts for her title.

Both Depp and Jolie reaped the financial awards of their popularity, with Depp topping the list of Hollywood's most highly paid actors for 2010, making $75 million over the last year. Jolie came in sixth on the list of highest-paid actresses, netting $20 million for the year ending June 2010.

The results came from an online survey conducted of 2,300 adults by Harris Interactive Poll.

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