“Daily Show”: Filner Sex Scandal Broke the “Eww-O-Meter”

Interim host John Oliver judges the "disgusting" level of San Diego Mayor Bob Filner's alleged sexual harassment incidents.

Interim "Daily Show" host John Oliver said San Diego Mayor Bob Filner's sexual harassment scandal is so "disgusting" it breaks the "Eww-o-Meter." 

The comedian Wednesday judged each alleged incident on a scale of "ew" to "ewwww" based on how much the details "make your skin crawl."

After airing clips of victims sharing their stories, which included an unwanted French kiss, a pat on the rear, and inappropriate touching on other body parts, Oliver responded by yelling 'eww' and jumping up and down.

He also compared the accusations against Filner to the mayoral scandal brewing in New York City.

"Say what you want about Anthony Weiner, but at least his texts don't leave a physical residue on your face," Oliver said, in reference to a victim's claim that Filner allegedly "slobbered down" her chin.

But Oliver did call out Weiner for comparing New Yorkers' strength after the 9/11 terrorist attacks to the candidate's own refusal to drop out of the race for mayor after his sexting scandal. Weiner "crossed the line" with that comment, Oliver said.

Watch the full clip below.

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