Facebook Post on Drunken Penguin Theft Gets 3 Arrested

One of the three bragged on Facebook about the bird he had taken home after drunkenly breaking into a Sea World aquarium in Australia with his pals

Three drunk men allegedly broke into a Sea World in Australia to swim with dolphins and steal a penguin, and all three were arrested after one of them bragged about their antics on Facebook.

The men — aged 18, 20 and 21 and all from Wales — told Australian television that when they woke up Sunday morning after their boozy break-in at the Sea World on the Gold Coast in Queensland, they didn't remember what they'd done.

They definitely didn't remember stealing 7-year-old penguin Dirk, who was waddling around the apartment where they were staying, Britain's Telegraph reported.

Panicking, the men released Dirk into a nearby waterway known for its sharks, one of the men, named Rhys Jones, told Australian television.

A couple then saw the penguin being chased out of the water, possibly by a shark, and then back into the water by a dog. The couple called the police.

The cops caught up with the Welsh trio after a friend of theirs reported that they had bragged on Facebook about the penguin theft, the Daily Mail reported.

"We're really sorry for all the trouble we've caused," Jones said.

Dirk is now recovering back in Sea World, which hadn't noticed his absence until police alerted it.

The three men face charges of trespassing, stealing and unlawfully keeping a protected animal, according to the Telegraph. They are set to appear in court May 2, the Daily Mail reported.

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