McDonald's Will No Longer Offer Full Menu at Drive-Through: Report

You may no longer be able to peruse all of McDonald's menu items when ordering at the drive-through.

In a Monday webcast with franchisees, McDonald's executives unveiled plans to display only the fast-food giant's top-selling items on their drive-through menu boards, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The company hopes the new cut-back menus will speed up the ordering process with customers and in turn improve their quality of service, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Although they plan to display much fewer items in the revamped drive-through offerings, they will be adding more to their "mid-price" tier of dishes — those in the $1.50 to $3 range.

The Journal reports that the move towards a simplified drive-through menu has been a long-awaited one for McDonald’s franchisees, who have for years complained that customers typically always choose from either the high-end or low-end items because they don’t have enough mid-tier meals to select from – and those premium items eat up a lot more manpower to make.

The franchisees hope the additional mid-price dishes and smaller menu will reduce the overall time spent creating some of the premium items such as the snack wraps and complex McCafe espresso drinks.

The plans are the latest move from new CEO Steve Easterbrook who has been given the undertaking of helming a massive turnaround plan after months of rapidly declining global sales.

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