Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Viral “Twerking” Video Hoax

A video of a "twerking" performance gone horribly wrong turned out to be one big hoax from funnyman and late-night host Jimmy Kimmel.

The video "Worst Twerk Fail EVER – Girl Catches on Fire!" showed a woman "twerking" as she does a handstand and then falls down onto a coffee table full of lit candles and apparently catches on fire.

In a mock interview on his show Monday night, Kimmel played the full version of the clip and revealed that the woman featured in the video is a stuntwoman named Daphne Avalon. In the extended video, Kimmel walks through the door and puts out the fire with a fire extinguisher.

Kimmel said he shot the video about two months ago and didn't send it to any television stations or tweet it.

"We just put it on YouTube and let the magic happen," Kimmel said. The video eventually got over 9 million views and was featured on news programs across the country.

Avalon said she was sworn to secrecy for months until the video finally went viral – for Kimmel's apparent plan to end "twerking" once and for all.

"Thank you for deceiving the world and hopefully putting an end to 'twerking' forever," he said.

Watch Kimmel reveal the hoax on his show:

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