Jennifer Lopez's “American Idol” Future in Doubt

“I miss doing other things,” she tells Ellen

Jennifer Lopez’s nights judging “American Idol” hopefuls could be coming to a close.

Rumors are swirling that the newly crowned world’s most powerful celebrity is planning to quit her “Idol” gig after next week's season finale to focus on other projects – a move that Lopez has increasingly hinted could happen.

E! Online cited a source close to Lopez in reporting Wednesday that the singer planned to bow out because “she’s just too busy.”

Also Wednesday, Lopez reportedly wished good luck to “Idol’s” outgoing executive producer after taping by noting that, “You’ve been here 11 years, I’ve been here two.”

“Short and sweet,” Steven Tyler added, as Lopez nodded along, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Jenny from the Block has yet to make a firm announcement on her future with the Fox hit, but she told Ellen DeGeneres earlier this week that she wasn’t sure she could “go for a third year.”

“I miss doing other things,” the mom of twins said. “It really does lock you down, which was nice the first year with the babies being three, but now they're getting more mobile, they're about to go into school ... So I just don't know."

Asked by Reuters about the possibility of a post-Lopez “Idol,” Fox declined comment.  

After Lopez’s Ellen interview, “Idol’s” executive producer Nigel Lythgoe affirmed that execs “really want her back.”

"It's a business,” he told TMZ. “She has to weigh everything. I know she's gotten lots of offers to do movies and other things."

According to the LA Times, Lopez’s public indecision could be a negotiation tactic to bump up her pay after her $20 million contract expires at the end of the year. After her first season on “Idol,” Lopez had waited until August before renegotiating her first $12 million contract, the Times reported.

Lopez is sure to have a full plate whatever her decision. She’s set to tour North America with Enrique Iglesias this summer and has three movies out over the next year, according to Reuters.

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