ISIS-Linked Hackers Target 3,000 New Yorkers in Cyberattack: Officials

Last month, a pro-ISIS group hacked into the New Jersey Transit Police website and posted the personal information of officers there

ISIS-linked hackers have targeted about 3,000 ordinary New Yorkers in a cyberattack, posting their personal information online and announcing, "We want them #Dead," NBC New York has learned.

One of the victims, an 88-year-old man named Art — whose last name is being withheld for privacy concerns — spoke with the I-Team exclusively Thursday, telling of how the FBI visited and told him that his name was on the list posted Sunday on the private channel of a pro-ISIS group called the United Cyber Caliphate.

The FBI told him to be cautious when he goes out in public and to call 911 immediately if he felt threatened.

"It sounds like psychological warfare," Art said. "Make 3,000 people in this city very upset."

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