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Cries to ‘Impeach' Erupt During Pelosi's Speech to California Democrats

Two California lawmakers -- House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and House Financial Services Chair Maxine Waters -- were scheduled to address the convention Saturday evening

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s speech to the California Democratic Party State Convention Saturday drew loud cries of “impeach” from attendees as Pelosi mentioned special counsel Robert Mueller’s report and ticked through evidence in the probe of Russian interference in the 2016 election that suggested President Donald Trump obstructed justice, NBC News reports.

Pelosi previously resisted calls to begin impeachment proceedings against the president even as the chorus of Democrats calling for impeachment grows. Her appearance before the California delegates -- a decidedly left-leaning crowd -- ramped up the pressure, with delegates beginning to shout “impeach” as she brought up the various congressional investigations into the White House and the Trump Organization.

When Pelosi made reference to Mueller, who spoke publicly for the first time in two years on Wednesday in addressing the results of his investigation, calls for impeachment grew louder, at one point almost drowning her out. The San Francisco-based representative stopped and said, “As I told you, this is like coming home for me.”

Pelosi said House Democrats would continue to investigate and hold Trump and his administration accountable.

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