Half Full: Illinois Woman Sues Starbucks Over Too Much Ice

Starbucks is allegedly tricking customers into paying for less product than they pay for

An Illinois woman is suing Starbucks for $5 million over the amount of ice the coffee giant used in its iced drinks, NBC News reports.

Stacy Pincus filed the class action lawsuit against Starbucks Corp. in Northern Illinois Federal Court Wednesday, according to court documents.

Pincus' suit says customers often end up with half of the amount of drink listed on Starbucks menus because of the amount of ice used in the iced beverages. The suit alleges that Starbucks is purposefully tricking customers into paying for more product than what they are provided with.

Starbucks did not immediately respond to a request for comment made by NBC News on Sunday, but told told TMZ customers expect ice is "an essential component of" iced beverages.

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