Hugh Hefner: A Sign of the Growing Audience On “DWTS”

How big is the viewer tent for "Dancing With the Stars"  this record-breaking season? The female-heavy viewership has added one very noticeable alpha male -- Hugh Hefner

"I'm watching this season," Hefner confesses to PopcornBiz. "I'm applauding for Pamela Anderson who is doing a very good job."

Hefner admits he's even picking up the phone to vote for his friend who has graced the pages of his magazine.

He admits he's not a big fan of Kate Gosselin who is one big reason a new audience is tuning in this season. "I have no interest in this Kate Gosselin," he says.  

With the Hef working the phones and encouraging members of his empire to do the same, it would seem that Anderson would have a nice boost, if you will, on every elimination Tuesday. But he's not expecting miracles.

"To be a realistic about it, she's up against a few couples that are really professionals," he says. "I think it's going to be a long shot (for her to win). I think she's looking beautiful. And she's doing a remarkable job. I love her."

Meanwhile Hefner at 84 was inspired by 80-year-old astronaut Buzz Aldrin. But not enough to go on the show himself. "I have no interest in doing that," he says flatly

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