Holiday Gift Guide: From Video Games to Board Games

From more powerful video game consoles to mysterious board games, anyone who likes to play is likely to have one of these choices on their gift list.

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With a built-in 4K Blu-Ray player, premium audio through Dolby Atmos, and faster processing and memory for smoother gameplay, the Xbox One X is the perfect gift for someone who wants their games to look and play the best way possible.
Blocky adventures that are only limited by your imagination await in “Minecraft” for the Xbox One, but what if you really wanted to highlight your enthusiasm for the game? The Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition Bundle contains everything needed for the would-be world building, including your very own creeper.
“Destiny 2” continues to find ways to keep players challenged, interested, and engaged. New expansions, available through a separate Expansion Pass, will challenge everyone to dive in.
Nintendo of America
The Nintendo Switch bundle contains the console and dock with red left and right Joy-Con controllers, matching the color of Mario’s hat. There is a digital download for the game, and a special red carrying case featuring Cappy looming over a map of the kingdoms.
Wizards of the Coast
“Tomb of Annihilation,” the latest 5th edition adventure from the talented people at Wizards of the Coast, gives everyone a chance to face a global phenomenon that is forcing the most powerful and influential characters to come face-to-face with their own mortality and finality.
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment/Ubisoft
“Shadow of War” is set in the fantasy universe of JRR Tolkien’s stories of hobbits, rings, and monsters. “Assassin’s Creed Origins” draws its storyline from some of the most prominent moments in time during Ancient Egypt.
Sony PlayStation
The limited-edition PlayStation4 has a camo-styled exterior for the console as well as the DualShock 4 controller. Despite the attempts at hiding, the PlayStation4 will stand out and makes for a great conversation starter as well as a powerful gaming device.
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