FedEx driver kills rattlesnake balled at customer's front door, video shows

The driver apologized to the customer, saying "Sorry about the blood"

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A woman in Nebraska is calling for one FedEx driver to be named employee of the year after he took care of a rattlesnake that had balled up right outside her front door.

Ring security video captured the snake slither across the home's front steps and nestle itself in a corner at the front of the house.

A few minutes later, Matt Govier arrived to deliver a package. He began to hear rattling from the venomous snake nearby.

Govier first hopped onto the front steps, and called out to the snake. He then grabbed a rake and a shovel from the house and somehow got the snake to wrap around the rake.

Govier then carried the snake over to the front lawn, where he killed it.

“I hope you didn’t have a pet rattlesnake at your front door because I killed him. Sorry about the blood," Govier wrote in his text message to the customer, Christine Jones.

Jones was thrilled that Govier took care of the deadly reptile, saying in a Facebook post that he should be named FedEx's employee of the year.

Environmentalists were in a known nesting area when they stumbled upon the two-headed rattlesnake.
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