Erykah Badu Tries to Kiss a Reporter on Live TV

Erykah Badu is the opposite of camera shy.

On Saturday, the 43-year-old singer happened upon New York reporter Mario Diaz filming a live segment for PIX 11. Badu interrupted the broadcast, grinning widely as she approached Diaz from behind and attempted to plant a kiss on his cheek.

But this PIX 11 pro didn't lose his cool on the air. Instead, he quickly and politely rebuffed Badu's playful advances. "Excuse me, excuse me," Diaz said, attempting to put an arm's length of distance between himself and Badu. 

But without missing a beat, Diaz continued the tail end of his segment covering Shia LaBeouf's recent troubles. He threw back to the anchor, noting that LaBeouf "had been able to avoid the cameras" following his Broadway arrest Thursday night, "unlike myself, who could't avoid a fan just now who tried to kiss me."

At first , Badu took to Twitter to deny that she was the hat-wearing woman in the video. Hours later, she confessed to the act, and publically apologized to Diaz via Twitter.

Fortunately, the reporter had a sense of humor about it all responding, "I get it because... "'Ain't no particular sign I'm more compatible with I just want your extra time and your..... kiss.'"

"My wife and 2-year-old were 20 yards away when it happened," he added. "She saw the roll up, you putting on hat &everything."

Luckily, Mrs. Diaz wasn't upset about Badu's little stunt. "After she figured out what really happened she laughed and said, 'Great taste'.

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