WATCH: Fallon Takes on Crimea Referendum on “Tonight Show”

The U.S. is threatening to freeze all of Russia's assets," Fallon said. "Which sounds like a good move until you realize vodka doesn't freeze it just tastes better."

During his "Tonight Show" monologue Monday, Jimmy Fallon assessed Crimea's referendum in which citizens voted to break away from the Ukraine and join Russia.

"A new poll found that two-thirds of Americans are following the situation in Ukraine, which is impressive," Fallon said. "Usually you can't find two-thirds of Americans who are following a situation in America.

"Who is the president?" Fallon asked jokingly, before answering his question with: "Jack Bauer?"

The late-night host went on to directly discuss the referendum.

"In a highly debated election, 95 percent of Crimea voted to secede from Ukraine and join Russia, while 5 percent got to," (change to fake Russian accent), "Try again. You answered wrong."

"95 percent voted to join Russia? Even Kim Jong-un was like yeah right," Fallon quipped.

Fallon went on to continue questioning the legitimacy of the vote.

"Of course a lot of people are skeptical of these results so officials in Crimea actually published an exit poll to show the results were authentic," he said. "These are average Crimineans, let's see what they had to say." 

A video montage then showed showed the same image of Russian President Vladimir Putin over and over again, each one featuring various crude disguises such as eye patches and fake wigs, all paired with the comment: "Is smart vote. Russia is strong country. You would be fool not to join"

Finally, Fallon joked about sanctions the U.S. has implemented to impede Putin.

"And the U.S. is very upset over all this," Fallon said. "In fact to retaliate, the U.S. is threatening to freeze all of Russia's assets, which sounds like a good move until you realize vodka doesn't freeze, it just tastes better."

Hear Fallon's jokes in the video above.

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