Couple on Flight 804 Traveled to Paris for Medical Treatment, Leaves 3 Kids Behind

The couple spent their life savings to travel to Paris

An Egyptian husband and wife who were among the 66 passengers killed when EgyptAir Flight 804 crashed, have left behind three children, NBC News reported. 

Ahmed el Ashry and his wife Reham Mosad were returning to Cairo on Wednesday after spending a month in Paris receiving medical care. Mosad needed cancer treatment, so el Ashry spent their life savings to take her to France for treatment.

Mosad worked at a school in Cairo, whose newspaper published a tribute to the couple. The school posted a statement saying el Ashry couldn’t let his wife go to France by herself, and that he wanted to “lessen the pain of his wife and to prolong her life.” 

The school where their three children — Adam, Salma and Alia — are enrolled has allowed them to continue their education at the institution.

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