WATCH: ‘Miracle Kitten' Uses Tiny Wheelchair

Not only is Cassidy the "Miracle Kitten" thriving but he has a new set of legs, or should we say, wheels.

TinyKittens, a volunteer-run feline foster care facility in Fort Langley, Canada, shared an adorable video on Facebook of Cassidy taking his first steps using his new wheelchair this week.

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Posted by Tinykittens on Saturday, September 26, 2015

When Cassidy was rescued from a feral colony in September, he had no back legs, weighed just one pound, was covered in fleas and had a life threatening infection, according to the TinyKittens Facebook page. His chances of survival were low.

Over the next month, TinyKittens founder Shelly Roche and her fellow volunteers nursed Cassidy back to health.

“He needed meds, fluids and syringe feeding every few hours around the clock for the first week," Roche told Buzzfeed. "I had to learn how to manually express his bladder because he couldn’t go to the bathroom by himself for the first few days."

To track the tiny survivor's recovery, Roche set up a livestream of the kitten, which soon gained a massive following. When she asked on Facebook for a "wheeled chair or sling to fit an adorable 600-700 gram 9 week old kitten" the response was overwhelming.

Not only did Handicapped Pets Canada offer to make Cassidy a tiny wheelchair but the kitten also received a handmade tiny wheelchair/kitten chariot from one fan and a 3D printed wheelchair made by two students at Walnut Grove Secondary School, in Langley.

The video shows Cassidy a bit hesitant about his new-found wheels, but he soon moves with the confidence of a four-legged feline. 

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